Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Really Hot!

We are tolerating record heat to the tune of 112ºf, after the mildest summer on record. It's a very dry heat reminiscent of my time in Tucson, Arizona. Challenge in this little kitchen is to not use the oven but do everything stovetop. Even better would be to use a barbecue but there isn't room to swing one on the back stoop. Tonight it's risotto, which keeps the flame on for quite a while but it's a small sacrifice for the luscious shrimp, firm but tender arborio rice fragrant with garlic and shallots, broccoli raab beside, and a nice chilled glass of a local Pinot Noir to meet the sweat. The kitchen is usually warm, but why not warm it up just a little more! Topsy Turvy on the DVD just to juggle things up. Stay cool!

The Dull Shine

I have a copper Ibrik that comes to a nice coral mirror finish after a bit of spit and polish (i.e. Brasso). After a month or so clouds seem to fall over its surface and the pink shine fades as if it had endured its own private rainstorm. If it had a voice or a soul it would be screaming forever "clean me, clean me or forget about me" until it was satisfied, as though it had a memory of brighter days. I am in one of those tarnished states right now where it is hard to see through the dross and appreciate anything that might possibly be fresh or "new" such as the predictably noisy wine bars and restaurants that have opened up around here recently. I guess I don't feel sparkly. Dull and drab easily recognizes it's own. perhaps it's time to put the ibrik to good use and make some Turkish coffee in it, that'll surely bring back the shine.