Friday, April 18, 2008

Thinking of Beans...

About now the fava bean season ends. There is a restaurant on La Brea Avenue that serves up a fava bean salad with smoked turkey which turned me on to the raw green delight. The fava bean, like all legumes, is  many layered and after husk and hood are removed they reveal their waxy green centers which slide into two pieces when run between the forefingers. The fava (known as the broad bean in The States), is a historic staple of the Egyptians, and to me really tastes green. Steam them, then shell them and break them naturally in two, and add a little lemon and olive oil to the separated hearts. Combine them with a salad or add parsley to make them a salad on their own.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beanie O'Brien

Dear Beanie, my neighbor Shauna's cat and a subject of my last post, passed away in the night. She was my companion when Shauna was out of town and often when she was in town. Beanie was eighteen years old. I loved her and I miss her terribly. Every time I eat chicken I will think of her almost manic obsession with the fowl. She had a good long life and touched everyone's hearts with her strong and engaging character. Rest In Peace Beanie O'Brien.