Sunday, January 23, 2011


My friend George writes a very beautiful blog and shames me with his dedication not just by regularly posting, but also because his careful research is impressive. I sometimes wish he would pop in some gastronomic tidbits, but, the gossip is in itself is nutritious and I always end up satisfied.

I'm so ready to read Taras Grescoe's recent book Bottomfeeder. I was a huge fan of his book The Devil's Picnic. Popping Omega-3 fish oil pills recently, I've felt the benefit, though I won't share here in what way. I cook fish about once a week and here is a picture of this past Friday's salmon dish with fennel and scallions, fingerling potatoes, all roasted. To accompany, I whisked up fresh mayonnaise and added chopped cornichons for an impromptu tartar sauce, and loosely mixed up a garlicky viinaigrette for the salad bowl of mixed greens, dill and radicchio. Let me tell you that when you have a tiny kitchen and a busy day, roasting food makes it all a lot easier, and the preparation is easy. The most complicated element in the picture was the mayonnaise/tartar sauce since it was whipped up from scratch and even then it took five minutes. The rest roasted like this, 20 minutes for the fingerlings and fennel, sliced thinly. 15 minutes for the skin on steelhead salmon. Salt. Pepper. Well you can see the results in the pic.

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1904 said...

Looks and sounds delicious!
Regrettably, I'm an uninspired cook.
Sigh. I live vicariously through your accounts of the gourmet high life!